Current Events

This tournament is hosted on our Discord and played via

Visit our tournament rules page for a complete list of rules.

Read unique rules to the Revival Format, such as a banned and restricted list and an errata list.

Please submit deck lists by Feb. 27 here.

Submitting a deck list and desk hash is considered as your registration.

When you submit your deck list, you will need to submit your deck hash. This is a unique code to your deck that changes anytime you edit your deck. You are able to change your reponse once submitted. Update your deck hash if you update your deck in your response.

Deck hashes will be made public and are loaded when a player loads their deck. This is how you can check your opponent's deck is correct. Deck hashes will be listed in our discord tournament channel.


1st Place will get to design 1 card in conjunction with the design team for the upcoming first set for The Goblet of Fire!
2nd Place will receive 1 sealed original Harry Potter TCG pack.


Rounds will last 72 hours from the time pairings are announced.
Round 1: March 1 - March 3
Round 2: March 4 - March 6
Round 3: March 7 - March 9
Round 4: March 10 - March 12
Semi-Finals: March 13 - March 15
Finals: March 16 - March 18

Ruling Questions

For questions during the tournament, please post in the #judge-questions channel and tag @judge. While a judge cannot watch every game that is played, the various judges will be able to repsond to your question or ruling clarification in a timely manner.

Please check rulings on before calling a judge.