On top of playing with your friends in person and online, we host HPTCG Revival events!

Below are a list of upcoming and current events, as well as formats. Please see the Tournament Rules page for official tournament rules that will be enforced at all HPTCG Revival events.

Head over to our GenCon page to see information about our in-person event!


There are currently two formats to play HPTCG, Classic and Revival. Please see the differences below.

  • WOTC Sets (BS, QC, DA, AAH, COS)
  • Rules as left by WOTC
  • WOTC sets (BS, QC, DA, AAH, COS)
  • Revival sets (HOS, POA, SOH)
  • Banned and Restricted List
  • Updated Rulings and Rulebook
  • Errata List
  • Mulligan
  • Sideboard

Wizarding Wars

These are fun, low-stakes events occurring throughout each month. They typically last 3 hours and are opportunities to duel others online. Check out our Discord for upcoming events.

Upcoming Tournaments

March 2023 - Revival Tournament (virtual)
June 2023 - Revival Tournament (virtual)
August 2023 - Gen Con
November 2023 - Revival Tournament (virtual)

Play Online

There are opportunities to play in person and online. Here are some methods to play online: