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To learn how to play, watch this tutorial video by community member Zarthbenn.

Set Information

Please see for a complete card list of each set, as well as specific card rulings and images.
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Echoes of the Past Echoes of the Past Set Symbol EOTP FAQ EOTP Release Notes EOTP High Definition Cards Coming Soon!
Streets of Hogsmeade Streets of Hogsmeade Set Symbol SoH FAQ SoH Release Notes SOH High Definition Cards Coming Soon!
Prisoner of Azkaban Prisoner of Azkaban Set Symbol POA FAQ POA Release Notes POA High Definition Cards POA Print-Ready Files
Heir of Slytheri Heir of Slytheirn Set Symbol HOS FAQ HOS Release Notes HOS High Definition Files HOS Print-Ready Files
Chamber of Secrets Chamber of Secrets Set Symbol COS FAQ N/A Coming Soon Coming Soon
Adventure at Hogwarts Adventures at Hogwarts Set Symbol AAH FAQ N/A Coming Soon Coming Soon
Diagon Alley Diagon Alley Set Symbol DA FAQ N/A Coming Soon Coming Soon
Quidditch Cup Quidditch Cup Set Symbol QC FAQ N/A Coming Soon Coming Soon
Base Set Base Set Set Symbol N/A N/A BS High Definition Files BS Print-Ready Files

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Visit Pojo for original Wizards of the Coast rulings.
Use the complete Card list to keep track of cards in your collection and cards you are looking for.
Bring this fillable deck list to all tournaments to submit your deck.
Here are the pre-constructed decks released by Wizards of the Coast.
Here is the original Wizards of the Coast rulebook.

There are multiple places to purchase HPTCG products.

Hills Wholesale Gaming
The Nerd Merchant

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The Dark Mark releases deck techs and card reviews.
Home Base Games has archived play videos.
Into the Floo releases Harry Potter historical content, including HPTCG content.
Pojo has original content from 2001-2003, including decks, rulings, and card reveiws.
Rennervate is an HPTCG podcast.
Thiago creates content for the Brazilian fans of the game.