GenCon is an annual convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana. At this convention, we host the World Championship for both Classic and Revival formats. We also host other events. Check out the links below for last year's events!

GenCon 2022

GenCon took place in Indianapolis from Aug. 4 - Aug. 7. We made our return after a 2 year hiatus from GenCon.

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All Events

Please search "Harry Potter TCG" to find a list of all of our events for GenCon 2022.

Classic World Championship

Thursday, Aug. 4 11am-3pm

Come play your Ron or Ginny in this no holds barred Classic format Tri-Wizard brawl! Thursday, Aug. 7 from 11am-3pm.

Revival World Championship

Friday, Aug. 5 11am-4pm

The 2022 Champion will walk away with a special trophy! Every player will receive a special prizes. Tournament Format will be Revival, and all rules and details can be found on our events page. Decks will be available for lending for those that don't have one.

Sealed Cube

Saturday, Aug. 6, 1pm-5pm

A casual sealed limited swiss tournament. Everything will be provided, so just come have fun!